Honey Cocaine - Like A Drug (Full Mixtape)

Honey Cocaine - Like A Drug (Full Mixtape)


Whitheproduction - Drugs [For sale]

Email: Whitheproduction@hotmail.com


Cardiak - "Rhythm Roulette"

We took the Cardiak to Amoeba Records in Los Angeles to make his blindfolded picks for the records he would be attempting to flip. Little did Cardiak know, he would pick out some self-described "bullshit." But that didn't stop him from making the best out of his picks, primarily using Allure's "Kool Wit Me" to craft his patented hard-hitting wave of layered funk. Cardiak did this shit pretty effortlessly, despite almost striking out three times on his record picks.


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Cardiak x The Making Of Lean Wit it

Producer Cardiak shows how he produced the Meek Mill street banger Lean Wit It